CALEB, living with Duchenne.

CALEB, living with Duchenne.

Duchenne and Independence

Independence is an important part of becoming an adult—whether it’s adjusting to freshman year, learning to drive, applying to college, or starting a job. People living with Duchenne have had to find unique ways to adapt to these milestones.

For those in more advanced stages of Duchenne, preserving upper limb function remains important in maintaining independence over time. The ability to continue doing everyday things like eating, drinking, getting dressed, and using the bathroom can make all the difference.

Two young adult men living with Duchenne share the ways they navigate their lives as they move into adulthood.


Getting to Know Tristan and Kenan

Tristan and Kenan may be living with Duchenne, but they are also living busy and fulfilling lives. Both have channeled their talents and interests to shape their futures. Watch their videos to understand their perspectives on life, mobility, and what independence means to them.


Meet Tristan

Tristan’s passion for travel and adventure has inspired his plans for the future.


Meet Kenan

Kenan’s academic determination transformed a childhood hobby into a career goal.

Support, By Your Side

With new milestones may come new questions. SareptAssist is here to support your family throughout your Duchenne journey.

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